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Utah Chinese New Year Celebration

one of the biggest events held annually by the Utah Chinese community

The Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is the most important and most-widely celebrated festivals in the Chinese culture. Celebrations last as along as 15 days starting from the Chinese New Year Day. Numerous festivities are held and traditions observed during the 15 days. Many of these festivities revolve around the origins of the holiday and the mythical beast named Nian (“year”).


The 2024 Utah Chinese New Year Celebration was a great success! We all had a great time full of entertainment. An enormous thank you to the sponsors that make the event a reality, and a huge thank you to our volunteers. Finally, a big thank you to the local Chinese community for their ongoing support.

We are excited for you to be joining us again next year! So, until then, keep it real!

2024 Stage Curtain Call @ Cottonwood High
2024 Chinese New Year
This event is over.

* Limited Seating!!!
Seating is on a first come first serve basis and subject to capacity. Please arrive early for best seating.
Event Info:
  • February 3, 2024
  • Saturday, 7:00pm MST
  • Cottonwood High School Auditorium
  • 5715 S 1300 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84121


Events Schedule

Timings Location Events
5:00pm Lobby Traditional Cultural Activities & Games Starts
5:00pm Lobby Sponsors booth Open
6:00pm Main Auditorium Door Open
6:45-7:00pm Hallway Lion Dance Performance
7:00pm - 9:30pm Main Auditorium Program starts
* The schedule may be subject to change.

Photo Gallery of the events

Photo by Jin Zhang, for more photos click here

Latest News

News Release

  On behalf of the 2023 Utah Chinese New Year Celebration Committee (UTCNYCC), we would like to express our sincere appreciation for your consideration of sponsoring this year’s Chinese New Year celebration that is scheduled at Skyline High School in the evening of January 14, 2023. The committee, representing local Chinese community, appreciates your consistent support in the past and looks forward to your continued support in the future!

  UTCNYCC is a nonprofit volunteer group with the collective efforts of nearly 20 organizations and many individuals from Chinese Mainland, Taiwan , Hong Kong and other places. Its objective is to enrich Utah’s culture through sharing the traditional Chinese culture with locals who loves Chinese culture, heritage, and customs. The Chinese New Year is the largest cultural events and is celebrated by over 30,000 Utah Chinese and many people from other Asian countries.

  UTCNYCC has been organizing the Chinese New Year celebration for over 21 years now. The committee is working with performing groups to bring an incredible show for Utahans. As always, the Chinese New Year celebration receives the highest attention from Utah residents. This is the time that thousands of people (American and Chinese) get together and share the values and traditions they love.

  Many local businesses are taking this opportunity to become sponsors of the events to promote their products or services to the locals. Some have been the proud sponsors since the very beginning. If you wish to become our sponsors, please send us an email by filling up the contact us form found below this page. Thanks!

  The celebration is free to the public with no registration needed.

Archive News

  The Chinese New Year is one of the most ancient and most-widely-celebrated festivals in the world. February 1, 2022 will be the first day of the Year of Tiger. Each year since 2002, The Chinese community in Utah jointly organizes an evening of fabulous performances to celebrate the festival, with the audience size typically exceeding 2000 people.

  Due to constraints of COVID-19, the 2022 celebration will be held in the form of a pre-recorded program, and it will be broadcast on Youtube/Youku at 7:00 PM on January 29. Online entrance:

  The program will include a large variety of fabulous cultural performances from across Utah and across China.

  This event is jointly sponsored by Sweet Home LLC, Compass Lending, NorthStar Lending, Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts & Parks Program and many other local organizations and friends in or outside the Utah Chinese community.

  The celebration is free to the public with no registration needed.

Utah Chinese New Year Cultural Celebration Details

The Spring Festival, or simply, Chinese New Year, is the largest and most important annual festival celebrated by Chinese around the world.

Utah Chinese New Year Celebration has been the biggest events held annually and organized by Utah Chinese communities, under the name of Utah Chinese New Year Celebration Committee (UTCNYCC). It attracts thousands of audience every year. A group of more than 20 local Utah Chinese organizations are preparing for this celebration.

The program will include modern music, Chinese folk songs and dances, traditional Chinese musical performances and many more.


  • Chinatown Supermarket 中國城超市
  • Ocean's Mart 大中超市
  • Restaurant & Family Mart 順發超級市場
  • Intermountain HealthCare
  • University of Utah Health
  • Zions Bank
  • Vivi Bubble tea
  • Asian Chamber of Commerce
  • Compass Lending Solution 潘峰
  • Sweet Home Realty Utah 林裕玉
  • Mountain West Hearing Center
  • New York Life 于晓茹
  • US Bank
  • Advanced Acupuncture Clinic, Mindy Huang
  • So Grill Korean BBQ and Sushi
  • Alphagraphics
  • Coldwell Banker, Dandan Yang
  • China Grill
  • Asian Association of Utah
  • Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts & Parks Program 鹽湖郡 ZAP 項目

Participating Organizations:

Asian Pacific American Public Affairs Association - Utah Chapter 亞太裔美國人公共事務協會猶他分會
Chinese Association for Science and Technology in Utah 中國旅美科技協會猶他分會
Chinese Performing Arts 華藝學苑
Chinese Railroad Workers Descendants Association 鐵路華工後裔協會
Chinese Students and Scholars Association, Brigham Young University 楊佰翰大學中國學生會
Chinese Students and Scholars Association, University of Utah 猶他大學中國學生學者聯誼會
Chinese Students and Scholars Association, Utah Valley University 猶他谷大學中國學生學者聯誼會
Chinese Students and Scholars Association, Weber State University 韋伯州立大學中國學生會
Confucius Institute at the University of Utah 猶他大學孔子學院
Intermountain Chinese Business Association 猶他州華商會
OCA - Asian Pacific Islander Advocates Utah 美華協會猶他分會
Oriental Chinese School 東方中文學校
Salt Lake Chinese Choir 鹽湖華人合唱團
The Salt Lake Eastern Art Club 鹽湖書畫社
United Chinese Association of Utah 猶他州華人聯合會
Utah Chinese Civic Center 鹽湖華助中心
Utah Chinese Folk Orchestra 猶他華人民樂團
Utah Chinese Golden Spike Society 猶他華人金釘協會
Utah Indochina Chinese Benevolence Society 越棉寮華人相濟會


Experience and understand the Chinese culture and new year atmosphere.



Celebrate the Chinese new year with traditional games and activities.



Watch the most beloved Lion Dance and local performers during the event.

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